Can I book a table? 

We don't take bookings in any of our restaurants. Just turn up!

How do I find the location I am looking for? 

Details on each Skinny Kitchen location can be found here

I want to franchise The Skinny Kitchen. Who do I contact? 

Please visit our franchise page and fill out the application form here. If you are a good fit our franchise consultant will be in touch!

I have a product I think The Skinny Kitchen will love. Who do I speak to? 

Our operations manager decides on new products we could use. Contact him by emailing danny@skinnykitchen.co or clicking here

What are your opening times? 

Our opening times for each restaurant can be found here

How can I view the menu? 

Our menu is available here

I have a strict training diet, do you do meal prep? 

For meal prep enquires you can email the team directly by emailing mealprep@skinnykitchen.co or clicking here

I have various dietary requirements, what can I eat at The Skinny Kitchen?

Our menu is available here However if still aren't sure we suggest ringing the restaurant you plan to visit directly. Numbers can be found here

I have an enquiry for your marketing team, who do I speak to?

Email the marketing team directly by emailing rachel@skinnykitchen.co or clicking here

I really want to work for The Skinny Kitchen. How do I apply? 

Information on current vacanciess and how to apply can be found here

I would love to feature The Skinny Kitchen on my blog, who do I speak to?

You can speak directly with the marketing team by emailing rachel@skinnykitchen.co or clicking here

The calories seem really low. Are you sure they are right?

The aim of The Skinny Kitchen is to offer you the skinniest meal possibly and to suit many different diets. This means we search high and low for ingredients that adhere to these guidelines. For example our skinny slaw is made with just low fat yogurt, vegetables, herbs and spices. Overall working this way will give items on our menu a lower calorie count than you are used to. 

Can't find what you're looking for? Fill in the contact form below and someone will be in touch!