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How sweet are those sweet potatoes?

Are you carb conscious? Trying to get rid of the beige food from your diet, such as bread, pasta and potato? Its difficult, as everyone who has tried knows; but don't be afraid of all carbs, there are some good ones too.

The Skinny Kitchen in Ibiza and our Camden, King's Cross, London location have ovens in their restaurants dedicated to pumping out sweet potato fries, as more people realise the benefits of putting these into their diets.

The sweet potato is actually unrelated to the potato family and comes from the same food family that the banana is linked to. They provide what you might know as 'slow release carbs'. This means that rather than spiking your blood sugar with high levels quickly; it drip feeds sugar levels slower and over a longer period of time to keep you fuller for longer. In short - less snacking.

Sweet potato fries are basically 'good chips'. We don't fry them, we oven bake them, which means the cooking process doesn't take away the reason why we eat them. Okay, well we don't just eat them as they're a "good carb', we eat them because they taste great too, but by oven baking them, you make sure they don't absorb artery blocking levels of cooking oil and 'bad fats'.

Our recipe for oven baking them, is a Skinny Kitchen secret recipe; but it's worth checking how they are cooked if you see them on a menu elsewhere before you dive straight in. The Skinny Kitchen ensures that their sweet potato fries, remain true to their image, always made in the healthy way.

So what makes a sweet potato so good for you? Compared to a white potato they have:

- 33% less carbohydrates (carbs)

- 40% less calories

- 33% more fibre They have less calories than your regular spud, therefore less carbs. Per serving they have 400% of your daily Vitamin A intake, more Vitamin C and more fibre.

Vitamin A is good for your skin, vision, teeth and Skeletal tissue, Vitamin C helps your immune system and fights off illnesses and infections. It's an antioxidant that protects cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Keeping sweet potato in your diet, even while trying to lose weight, may actually help you reach your body and weight goals - as the slow release energy can cut down those hunger pangs, that lead many to crumble and snack. Come visit our Skinny Kitchen healthy eating restaurant and cafe in Ibiza and London for healthy gym based food.

Our menus feature the macro breakdown, so you can tailor your meal to suit your needs. Registered now on Dine In and Just Eat we can offer healthy food delivery in London to your office or your home. It's Good, Clean, Fun.

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