• Rachel Mason

Getting beach-body ready?

The weather is getting warmer (finally) and its time to start enjoying your lunch outside of the office! Not only have we all been stuck behind a mac and four walls all winter, but we've been wrapped head to toe in thick winter coats, bobble hats and snoods. When the layers come off we all suddenly become slightly more consicous of our eating habits, aiming to get beach-body ready (Ibiza 2015 anyone?!)

At The Skinny Kitchen we offer healthy, home made lunches in London and breakfast, lunch and dinner in Ibiza. Giving you these options from our London cafe year round means you dont have to panic when that summer holiday is right around the corner! We offer healthy versions of all your favorite meals from pizzas to meatballs. We even have a lovely terrace to sit on while you enjoy your healthy, home made lunch in Kings cross/Camden area (pictured)

The Skinny Kitchen

Egg Nightclub

200 York Way

Kings Cross


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