• Rachel Mason

Healthy eating in Ibiza

Now, the words 'healthy' and 'Ibiza' havent always gone hand in hand. The main options on this island have included greasey pizza and KFC. People visiting Ibiza work hard to look great for thier holiday, but arriving on the island have found no way to keep up a high proitein, low carb diet. That was, until one year ago when The Skinny Kitchen came to San Antonio! We offer healthy versions of all your favourite foods, from homemade burgers in low calourie buns to pizzas on a thin spinach base to zucchini noodles. We even have a vast cocktail menu offering you the chance to enjoy a cocktail at a fraction of the normal calories.

Check out our menu, available here on the webiste. We garantee you can leav without the guilty, bloated feeling!


(The picture shows our homemade, real fruit icelollies, available now at TSK Ibiza)

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