• Rachel Mason

The secret to weight loss and natural beauty...

...Clue - it's completely free.

Do you care about your skin? Are you trying to lose weight or keep it off? Would you like to feel fuller for longer? How about wanting to feel alert all day without scoffing sugary calories?

The Skinny Kitchen has a secret to let you all in on. Best of all, this secret is completely free.

We are talking H2O, Water to everyone else. The Skinny Kitchen want to talk to you about the benefits of drinking water.

Here are 4 great reasons to drink water:


Water helps control calories. Dieters have found drinking water is a great weight loss strategy as it can help replace calorific beverages but it also leaves people feeling fuller and less interested in consuming more food. Water rich foods have the same effect and drinking a pint of water before and after a meal will help you leave the table feeling satiated and less likely to carry on snacking.

Fruits, Vegetables, Oatmeal, Beans are all water based foods. They take longer to chew, are absorbed more slowly and make you stay feeling full.


Without water and the electrolytes carried in them, muscles shrivel. That shirvelling, makes them fatigue and reduce their performance. Now, we aren't talking just about those beach muscles, guns, tums and bums, we are talking about internal organs, the brain etc. Lower performing muscles mean lower metabolic efficiency. In short, your body burns more calories. So while being water dry may help you look cut, its a short term fix that will encourage your body to put weight on.


Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it's made up mostly of water. Well hydrated skin is more supple, brighter and softer. Dry skin, appears more fragile and is more easily wrinkled. This isn't to say being overly water heavy will remove all wrinkles, but it certainly keeps you looking your natural age that bit easier. Hydrated skin acts as a barrier to prevent moisture loss and moisturiser can aid this further.


Water helps your kidneys. Blood Urea Nitrogen is the main waste product in your body and this is transported through the kidneys and out as urine. Your kidneys do a fab job of cleansing your body of toxins, but they can only work well when the body is properly hydrated. Keeping your water intake up, means your toxin output is up too - and thats no bad thing when you want a healthy long life. Drink too little water and you are at risk of Kidney stones. How do you know if you are getting enough water? Your urine should be free of odour and light in colour. You may not see it mentioned on the menu, but you can be sure the Skinny Team love their water.

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