• Rachel Mason

Staying motivated over the Christmas period

Christmas time is usually a lot quieter in gyms. Why? Because everyone's hungover from various Christmas parties, or because staying in a warm living room with the latest Christmas film and a mince pie is much more appealing. Unfortunately, this can cause some serious damage to the training regime you've kept up religiously since last January. (we are assuming you are one of the committed ones)

Muscle loss and weight gain isn't top of many people's lists this Christmas, so follow our top tips and you will be the envy of everyone who is hitting the gym on January 2nd for the first time in three weeks.

1. Get your diary out. Work out who you are seeing, on what days. It might be harder to fit the gym in around friends and family, but that doesn't mean it is impossible, it just takes some extra planning.

2. Find a friend. You aren't the only one who needs motivating over Christmas, so teaming up with someone else and going together will keep you both focused.

3 . Shorter workouts. If you have less time to train, then go for shorter, more intense workouts.

4. Limit the treats. Its Christmas so lets face it, every time you go to your Mums there will be a box of celebrations open on the table and a tree filled with snowmen shaped chocolates. Let yourself have a few but, dare we say it, stop yourself! You deserve a treat, but don't over indulge.

5. Stick to low calorie drinks. We are all more than likely to end up being faced with the prospect of unlimited alcohol at some point over the next fews weeks, whether its at your work Christmas party or your nan constantly topping up that small vodka cranberry you asked for. Go for lower calorie spirits like vodka or gin, with low calorie mixers like slim tonic. Throw in some fresh lime, and although its no baileys, its really quite a nice drink.

We make that sound pretty easy, dont we? It's not. But it only takes the same level of commitment you've put into your training every other month of the year, so don't give up!

One last thing, go for a run on Christmas Day and feel like an absolute champion.

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