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What's a week long Bootcamp like?

What better way to spend a week, than in a luxury villa in Ibiza, exercising daily and eating healthy food. There are many benefits to booking a Bootcamp holiday, the fact that Skinny Kitchen Bootcamp is in the sun is just a bonus!

So, why train intensely for a week?

Weight loss, Fitness, Muscle definition

Your diet for the week will be controlled by expert nutritionists. You will be fed at the right times with the right food meaning you could loose weight and gain muscle definition. The exercises you will be doing will be thoroughly thought out to ensure each area of the body is targeted to gain maximum results.

Nutrition advice from experts

The nutrition advisors know what they are doing, and the will be there to answer any of your questions. You will undoubtedly learn about nutrition along the way, including things such as what to eat pre and post workout to achieve the best results.

Meals cooked for you all week long

No cooking for a week! No meal prep, no hours over a hot stove, everything cooked for you by Skinny Kitchen chefs. There will be a variety of food, some selected from The Skinny Kitchen menu and others items specially designed for the Bootcamp guests. You will enjoy a variety of fresh, healthy and protein rich meals and snacks around five times a day.

Lifestyle changes

As well as cooking your food, the Skinny Kitchen chefs will give cooking lessons in the villa’s open plan kitchen. You will be taught to make food that even the most ammeter cook will be capable of continuing to make once the bootcamp is over, as well as some slightly more complex dishes for the aspiring chefs. This gives you valuable knowledge and means you will be able to make lifestyle changes once the Bootcamp is over, and continue what you started.

All abilities

The Bootcamp is limited to 10 -16 guests so that the trainers can focus on each individuals needs. No matter what your ability, there will be so few people that the trainers can help you focus on the areas you want. It is suggested that you join in with every activy, however if you wanted to take a moment to relax in the villa pool, you can. If you want to train a little harder, we can make that happen too!

Fun in the sun!

Bootcamps are hard work, yes, but they are also very enjoyable and give you the opportunity to meet many like minded people. You can laugh at your struggles and discuss your achievements, many long standing friendships come out of bootcamps.

Active holiday

A bootcamp isn't too different from a holiday really, apart from one thing - you will not return with excess holiday weight! You would have spent a week in a lovely villa in Ibiza, being cooked for and given a variety of daily activities, yet you will leave with no regrets!

Video footage and photographs

Professional photographers are often around capturing you on the road to success. Photographs mean you should be able to see changes in yourself throughout the Bootcamp, reminding you of what you achieved during the week.

The best way to truly find out the benefits of Skinny Kitchen Bootcamp is to book up and join us!

Find out more at www.theskinnykitchen.co.uk

Contact our personal trainer, Joel, for more info Joel@skinnyktichen.co

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