• Rachel Mason

Eating out and sticking to a diet.

Yes, the above sentence is virtually impossible and we know how hard it can be to stick to a strict training diet when eating out, especially in places such as Ibiza. So, we came up with a solution. Our ‘Building size’ section which lets you customise your own meal, based on your dietary needs.

The photo features grilled rump steak with a side of green leaf salad. You can also add sweet potato, halloumi, homemade skinny slaw, homemade baked beans, boiled eggs, avocado..... the list is endless! You can add meat to vegetarian dishes for a protein boost, or carbs to a low carb meal. All with a little help from the macros listed on every meal on our menu!

We make eating out and sticking to a diet enjoyable, not stressful!

The Skinny Kitchen healthy eating restaurant is based in Ibiza, Sant Antonio De Portmany.

More locations for healthy food coming soon!

UPDATE: We now have a healthy food restaurant in the UK on Bournemouth High Street and one opening on Canterbury high street this summer. Looking for healthy food options in bournemouth...well now The Skinny Kitchen is here!

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