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Skinny Kitchen's new location in Ibiza!

Ibiza 2016, is almost here! The Skinny Kitchen has been fueling Ibiza’s health conscious for two years now, and we are so happy to be back for our third year, with not one, but two locations! Find our Skinny Kitchen Restaurant right on San Antonio’s marina and our Skinny Kitchen Cafe nestled away in the West End.

We offer low carb, healthy, homemade meals, low calorie cocktails, detox smoothies and protein shakes. We are open all day and have a variety of dishes to satisfy any diet, whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a post gym snack.

The Skinny Kitchen is the inspiration of four friends who just couldn’t get a diet lemonade with their drinks on a night out. In a body and health conscious world, it seems too many restaurants and cafes miss simple opportunities to make food a little bit better for you. From sugar loaded beverages and ‘high sugar but low fat’ dressings on salads; it really seemed there was no good way to eat clean and feel great for evenings in Ibiza.

We decided to make a difference. We believe that Ibiza workers and its annual visitors, who strive each winter to look good for thier summer in Ibiza, don’t want to ruin that hard work by eating low quality, greasy or fatty foods when eating out. At The Skinny Kitchen customers can eat and leave with no regrets.

Leave the guilt to alcohol!

This is why we opened The Skinny Kitchen in 2014 and why we are back for our third season in 2016. Low carb dinners, bodybuilder breakfasts, low calorie cocktails; just detox, retox, relax.

Pictures of our new healthy eating restaraunt on San Antonio, Ibiza Marina coming soon!


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