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What are the benefits of lemons?

We are currently working on our fresh juice menu, so researching the benefits of different fruit, veg and ‘superfoods’ As much as we love discovering new, exciting and exotic health foods, it often remains that some of the healthiest and most interesting food is something as simple as the things we all already know, like lemons.

One of our juices at The Skinny Kitchen is called ‘sherbet lemonade’ because that is exactly what it tastes like! Fresh apple, lime and lemon all juiced and served over ice, what could be better? Well, knowing all the health benefits of what you are drinking!

There are so many ways you can use lemons, from eating, drinking to applying directly onto your skin.

Lemon for drinking

You sleep on average for around 8 hours, therefore your body needs to be refreshed and digestive system flushed first thing in the morning. Your body restores during sleep, meaning your liver is very active. Helping it out in the morning with some water and lemon, can help stimulate proper stomach acid production. By flushing your body first thing in the morning, you can also aid clearing your skin from the inside.

Lemon for skin

Lemon can act as an excellent antiseptic lotion for skin problems, cuts or acne. Just apply fresh lemon juice directly to the skin, leave to dry and wash away. Lemons brings a glow to the face, and can even help with reduce wrinkles, therefore acts as an anti-acing agent.

Lemon for hair

Lemons juice can be used to help hair growth, relive itchy scalp or reduce dandruff. You can add a few drops of fresh lemon juice to your shampoo, as you wash you hair to treat itchy scalp. for dandruff, mix some lemon juice with water and leave on your hair for ten minutes. Swap the water for coconut oil and you also have a great way to assist hair growth.

How will you add lemon to your diet? Here are some ways we like to use fresh lemon at The Skinny Kitchen!

- Finely grating lemon peel into smoothies

- Adding fresh lemon juice to a stir fry

- Juicing lemons - you only need about half a lemon to get the full benefits!

- Use fresh lemon juice or zest in healthy cakes for extra flavour

- Have a fresh lemon water with your meal

- Sprinkle fresh lemon juice on homemade coleslaw

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