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Want skinny food? Think Skinny Kitchen.

We named The Skinny Kitchen when hungover over a full english in Ibiza. The thought behind it was, we like the name. It really was that simple. But then simple was what The Skinny Kitchen was back then. Now, three restaurants up, 30,000 people following us on social media and write ups in the press on a regular basis, we are being asked - ‘why skinny?’ or ‘Is skinny healthy?’

So, we are going to dig back to how our hungover minds were working that day. Ironically, two of the founders are anything but skinny - they are in the words of avid male gym goes ‘pretty hench’ And the two girls, well they actually like to be called skinny!

Skinny lattes become a thing back in the 90’s when people started to become aware that a regular latte has quite a bit of sugar, fat and carbs in. A skinny latte satisfied the needs of a market who still wanted a latte, but with less of the bad stuff. The same concept applies to us, we are aware that a lot of people don’t want a regular pizza or burger these days. They want these meals still, but with less carbs, fat and calories. So we lowered each of these macros on our meals, making them waistline friendly and there we have skinny pizzas, or skinny burgers!

A skinny latte is made with sugar free syrup and skinny milk rather than full fat. So how do we make our meals skinny? Lets take our pancakes for example, instead of flour, sugar and butter we use eggs, banana and protein powder. Instead of topping with cream or ice-cream we top with protein rich greek yogurt.

Kate Moss famously said ‘nothing feels as good as being skinny feels’ but we couldn't agree less. The Skinny Kitchen menu means you can workout, feel healthy and fit and still eat tasty food.

So, if you want skinny food, think Skinny Kitchen.

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