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Why does water aid weight loss?

So you up your water intake because you've heard it can help you get lean, but do you know why your knocking back a few extra glasses a day with this goal in mind?

It is true that drinking more water can help with weight loss but we often get asked why, so here we go:

Before a meal

Drinking water before a meal fills you up and can decrease appetite. It is still very important to eat a healthy, nutritious meal but it might stop you over eating which can lead to weight loss. If your guilty of carrying on eating even when your full, this could be a good trick for you to try.

Hot or cold?

When you drink cold water your body burns extra calories to bring it up to body temperature. Store a jug of water in the fridge and add a few ice cubes when you drink it.


If you have a water and avoid other beverages such as tea, juice or soft drinks you are going for the zero calorie option. Replacing most, if not all, of your drinks with water over time you may loose a little bit of weight as you aren't having the extra calories.


Maybe, but maybe not. It's very easy to confuse thirst and hunger. Before you head for a snack have a glass of water. If this does the trick, you've saved yourself some calories.

When you wake up

Get a glass of water as soon as you wake up, this gives your metabolism a boost in the same way having food does when you wake up. If you aren't used to drinking water as soon as you wake up, it can make you feel slightly nauseous at first, but keep going as the feeling passes over time! This might be a calorie free way to get your body ready for the day, but you still need breakfast!

Food with high water content

Fruit and veg with a high water content tends to fill you up more, meaning you eat less!

If you really want to loose weight and get lean, you can't rely on just upping your water intake. We are strong believers in eating clean and exercising regularly, but it will help to also try drinking more water!

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