• Rachel Mason

Skinny Kitchen Bournemouth - week one!

We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the amazing response Skinny Kitchen has received on the south coast! Thank you to everyone who came to visit and support us in our first week. We hoped you guys would be happy we opened on your high street but we were still totally astounded by the sheer volume of visitors. Those of you who patiently queued outside over easter weekend, thank you, we felt so honoured you wanted to try our food this much, because the weather wasn't even very nice! We felt like a top London restaurant!

Behind the scenes at Skinny Kitchen we have been training a brand new team in front of house and the kitchen. They have all worked very hard to give you the best experience and we appreciate your patience while the team continue to learn.

Pictures speak a thousand words, so heres a few customer photos from the first week of Skinny Kitchen in Bournemouth high street as well as a packed restaurant within the first hour!


We hope to see you soon!

TSK Team Bournemouth

Healthy eating in Bournemouth just got good!

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