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From winter to summer fitness...

Spring has sprung, the days are longer and we are finally all coming out of our winter hibernation! Summer is just around the corner so if you've been guilty of slacking off at the gym just slightly in favour of staying in the comfort of your home then theres no longer any excuses!

Of course, lots of people battle through the dark, cold winter nights and continue running, swimming and frequent trips to the gym but what if you were one the few that lost motivation?

Follow our guide to pick yourself up and get back into your fitness routine! In time for holiday, pool parties, or just generally wearing a lot less clothes now the suns out. Dare we say it but….suns out, guns out!

Gym gear. You need to rediscover your gym gear as its probably hidden under scarves, oversized hoodies and fluffy jumpers. Get it all out and have a sort through. Make sure your gym bag is packed with everything you need, this makes it much easier to grab each morning or night after work.

Buddy up. Know someone else whos slacked a little? Make a plan to visit the gym together or start a competition via fitbit, my fitness pal, map my run or any other app you've found motivating. Chances are a little competition will motivate you, or if one of you isn't feeling it the other will be and get you moving.

Plan ahead. Got a date in mind that you want to be in great shape for? Mark it on a calendar and have that goal in mind every time you go to the gym.

Lower your expectations. So last summer you were doing super sets, hour long workouts and sometimes went twice a day. Whats hapepend?! Dont panic and be put off if you cant get through the same level of activity as before, it wont take long for your body to get to used to your old routine again. By at least going to the gym your programming your brain to get used to it again.

Enjoy it. Pick an excise you enjoy to start with and gradually get more and more active every day, slowly introducing the things you know you need to do, but like less! The new trend of trampoline fitness, looks like a fun place to start!

Clean eating. Excersise is just one part of getting back into shape, food is a very important factor. If your lucky enough to live in Bournemouth or be doing a season in Ibiza you can visit us at The Skinny Kitchen for clean, gym inspired meals. If your still waiting for a Skinny Kitchen to pop up near you then check out our recipes. Fill your fridge with healthy food and you wont be tempted to stray!

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