• Rachel Mason

Can healthy food be fast food?

We love the idea of a Skinny Kitchen drive through, as we are sure most other fitness and health food fanatics would. But can healthy food be fast food and compete with large, convenient fast food chains?

When cooking at home, healthy food does take a little bit more effort. Think throwing frozen nuggets and chips in the oven, versus spiralising courgette, peeling veggies and cutting fresh chicken, for example. You've got a little bit more prep to do when dealing with fresh food. The same is true for a Skinny Kitchen restaurant, nothing is pre-prepared therefore our chefs are up long before most workers start their day. It would be so easy (and fast) for us to use pre-prepared food but we want to give our customers something different, and thats healthy food when eating out, as opposed to fast food.

Pre-prepared ‘healthy’ items are available now on supermarket shelves, making it faster for us to eat healthy at home. Lets take microwavable cauliflower rice as an example, which now takes pride of place next to microwavable rice which we've seen in supermarkets for years. Although many state 'preservative free' its no longer fresh cauliflower. This makes it faster, but is it still healthy? Preservatives are a type of food additive, added to food to pro-long shelf life. Many items on the supermarket shelves need preservatives for this reason, making all the easily accessible fast stuff, generally pretty unhealthy.

One great example of how supermarkets have made healthy food seem that bit faster is with the spiralised fresh carrot, courgette and butternut squash in the veg section of supermarkets. We cant argue with this, it makes it faster for you at home plus its still healthy. It will cost a little bit more, but you've saved the time of doing it yourself (and we all know how long it can take to spiralise those slightly bent courgettes!)

The cooking process involved in fast food, is usually... well, fast! Frying burgers and chips is much quicker than grilling them or oven baking them, and its hard to get around this! At The Skinny Kitchen we grill all our meat, making it oil free and really healthy, but it does take a little bit longer to cook this way.

So can healthy food be fast food? We think not, but we think healthy food is worth the wait!

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