• Rachel Mason

The Skinny Kitchen comes to Bournemouth!

We are so excited to announce The Skinny Kitchen will be arriving in Bournemouth town soon! A healthy food restaurant, right on Bournemouth high street!

Starting in Ibiza 2014, we are excited to branch out to Bournemouth, a town where we feel people care just as much about fitness, the beach and music as they do in Ibiza!

There are a few healthier options for eating in Bournemouth but The Skinny Kitchen will be the first gym based, healthy restaurant.

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner - or you can pop in and grab a quick takeaway protein shake post workout!

We cater for lots of different diets; from body building breakfasts to animals friendly vegan meals. Our menu is laid out so you can see the various icons which point to different dietary needs. For example gluten free, muscle up, get lean and of course veggie and vegan symbols.

If you want to eat out and still eat healthy in Bournemouth - try The Skinny Kitchen!

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