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How healthy are wraps?

Wraps are becoming a popular choice for people looking for alternative lunch ideas. But are they healthy? Many dieters see bread as the enemy and are ditching the sandwhich, finding it can cause them to feel overly full and bloated, so switching to something lighter and thinner makes sense, right?

Well yes. You can use wraps as a healthy alternative to bread to wrap up lots of fresh veggies and meat and enjoy at lunch, but you do need to watch out what wraps you are buying. Here’s a quick break down of our top three healthy wraps!

Corn Tortillas

These are made with finely ground cornmeal. Corn is dried out and ground up to make a cornmeal, making these wraps really healthy. These are actually really easy to make yourself and something that’s been a staple in the Mexican home for years. If you can hunt down some masa harina (aka ground cornmeal and often found online) your sorted, as the only other ingredients are water, olive oil and a dash of lime if you fancy it.

What are the macros like?

Based on 1 24g tortilla

Cals 52 . Carbs 11g . Protein 1.4g . Fat 0.7g

Multi Grain Wraps

As you can probably guess, these wraps are made up of multiple grains. When buying multigrain wraps check what grains your getting, just because they’re multigrain doesn’t mean each grain is healthy. Multigrain often includes grains such as oats, buckwheat, cracked wheat, flax and millet. Often between 3-5 grains are used, and sometimes the quantity of grains is pretty low compared the amount of flour used, especially in cheaper products. Check the list of ingredients and see what multi grains you are getting, you want to find that they are whole grains and not refined grains.

What are the macros like?

Based on a 28g wrap

Calories 110 . Carbs 15g . Protein 7g . Fat 2.5g

Wholewheat Wraps

Whole wheat means that the grain does not have the outer layers removed, they contain the bran and germ as well as the endosperm. Refined grains have the bran and the germ stripped out, and that’s where the goodness comes from! Between them they contain lots of fiber, B-vitaimins, iron, vitaim E and antioxidants. Whole wheat wraps are a complex carb, meaning your food is broken down slowly and does not cause a spike in blood sugar levels. This helps curb hunger and food cravings.

What are the macros like?

Based on I 28g wrap

Calories 75 . Carbs 15.2g . Protein 2.3g . Fat 0.9g

When buying any type of wrap you first call should be to scan the ingredients list. Ideally the ingredients will start with ‘whole’ and have as little as possible ingredients. Check for unnecessarily added sugar, as well as high amounts of salt. The healthier ones are going to be a little more pricey, so shopping somewhere known for premium products is a good place to start. All in all though, we love wraps! Get the right ones, and you've got a healthy lunch sorted.

Pictured: A toasted wrap at The Skinny Kitchen, healthy eating restaurant. Bournemouth, Ibiza and Canterbury.

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