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Burgers: is it time to go naked?

The option to go bunless is appearing on menus in restaurants you wouldn't expect. Is there such a high demand for naked burgers that restaurants not traditionally seen as offering healthy options are having to re-evaluate their menu? Why are people ditching the bun?

The Skinny Kitchen is a healthy eating restaurant with fitness inspired food and we like our burgers traditional. That's in between a bun! We opt for a wholewheat, seeded bun which is made in bakeries local to our restaurants. You can of course, opt out of the bun. We don't want to restrict you naked burger lovers.

The reason we kept the bun is because it's a healthy one. Having a wholewheat bun means your getting all the nutrients from the grain, it's not been refined and stripped of the good stuff. Opting for wholewheat burger buns over regular offerings means you get the germ and the bran in there - nutrition dense ingredients.

A lot of burgers restaurants go for the brioche bun, which is made with lots of butter. If your a health conscious person it is probably a good idea to go for a naked burger in these restaurants.

At The Skinny Kitchen you can enjoy your burger, how it's meant to be eaten, without the guilt. People avoiding carbs may still be conscious of this but carbs are an essential part of our diet, and where our body gets all its energy from. If your training regularly you need the carbs so that your body doesn't use protein from your muscles for energy.

So if you fancy your burger in a bun come down to The Skinny Kitchen in Bournemouth or Ibiza!

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