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Still addicted to mayo?

Are you eating healthy salads on a regular basis but still indulging in that little bit of mayo and thinking ‘but at least Im eating a salad’? Some habits are hard to kick and this one seems to be a popular one. When we opened The Skinny Kitchen in San Antonio, Ibiza in 2014 we were inundated with requests for a side of mayo with sweet potato fries, but we decided to stick to our guns and not serve it. Don’t get us wrong, we love a side of sauce with our fries but there are so many more options out there, with so much less of the bad stuff.

So why is mayo so bad?

When we say mayo, we are referring to pretty much most creamy salad dressings out there, but mayo is a pretty popular one. We don’t necessarily like to count calories, but mayonnaise is an easy thing to miss from your list of calories if you are trying to keep under a certain amount. One spoonful is just under 100 cals, making up roughly 5% of your daily intake. And lets be honest, do you really only have one spoonful?

One spoonful also has 10 grams of fat, with about 1.5 grams being saturated. Fat consumption is perfectly fine for active individuals but for one spoonful of sauce this is a pretty hefty part of your daily intake of fat, at 16%. Saturated fat is what we need to avoid and a spoonful of the white stuff is about 8% of your daily intake.

What are the other options?

Homemade mayo

Its actually pretty easy to make and there are lots of recipes around. It’s a combination of egg yolk, olive oil, vinegar and lemon – all in all pretty healthy ingredients!

Lighter options

Lighter options are available, but watch out for other things that have been added. These are usually higher in additives.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is a great substitute, mix it with tuna or spread it on a sandwich. You can use greek yogurt as a base for homemade dressings as its doesn’t have much flavor and pairs well with lots of herbs and spices.


Also a creamy sauce that goes great with salads, a healthy substitute for mayonnaise. A table spoon of this even provides a little bit of protein and fiber.


Pesto is a great alternative as it is so full of flavor and made from nuts, basil and olive oil. Its commonly used heated up with pasta, but it can be eaten cold as well and goes great with salads.

Shop brought sauces

Don’t fancy making sauces yourself? There are lots of sauces available on the shelves now and not all are bad. When shopping for a sauce read the ingredients list, checking the sugar and salt content. At The Skinny Kitchen we opt for organic sauces with minimal ingredients in each one but maximum flavor.

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