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Flex on the Beach!

The Skinny Kitchen Ibiza is now running a bootcamp every Wednesday at 9am on the beach! For 10 euros you get a total body workout and a protein shake at Skinny Kitchen after.

Why workout on the beach?

It seems obvious really, but there are so many reasons its great to excersise on the beach in Ibiza!

The Sun

Working out outdoors in England can some times be less than encouraging with the rain, cold and wind. But in Ibiza its a totally different story, the sun is shining and we are even getting a tan whilst working out!

Holiday fitness

So when you're at home you go to the gym every day, but as soon as your in ibiza for a weeks holiday you totally stop. Your body doesn't know whats happening! What's worse is that first session when your back home. Not only do you have holiday blues, you now feel totally unfit. Break up your holiday with a quick Skinny Kitchen bootcamp to matin fitness levels.

Harder workout

Sand is actually harder to workout on, meaning you will actually get a little bit more resistance than you would if you were in the gym.

If you want to try a Skinny Kitchen Ibiza bootcamp email chris@skinnykitchen.co or pop into our new restaurant on the marina.

The Skinny Kitchen bootcamp is running throughout summer, every Wednesday at 9am.

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