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Pre-workout food

As most of us know post work out you need protein. This helps build and repair muscles that you've just given a tough time to in the gym. But what about before you go to the gym, what should you eat pre-workout? It's actually just as important as post workout food if you're looking to make gains because it gives you the energy to absolutely smash your workout. Without pre-work out food you may find yourself feeling weak and sometimes a little lightheaded during your session, not ideal if your going to lift, squat or bench the weights you're aiming for.

Who really needs an excuse to eat a little more anyway? Don't skip the calories and make sure you're eating the right food by trying our top 5 pre workout snacks.

Carbs are what your looking for pre-work out, ideally a mix of complex and simple carbs. This ways you get a steady release of energy.

1. Smoothie with yogurt, oats, banana and cinnamon. This one is great if your in a rush or having your pre-workout meal on the way to the gym. The oats give you the slow release energy you need and you get a quick release energy from the banana. Cinnamon is know for boosting brain function, add a pinch to your smoothie as a bonus.

2. Wholegrain toast topped with nut butter and banana. This is a pretty simple snack but contains a lot of energy that will get you through your workout.

3. Granola, yogurt and fruit. Always check the macros if you buy granola from the supermarket. Compare sugar contents and get the one with the least sugar in. Mix the granola, yogurt and fruit together for a really quick pre-work out snack that won't leave you feeling sluggish in the gym.

4. Baked sweet potato with peanut butter and dried fruit. Now this might sound a bit strange but trust us, its amazing! If you've got time on you hands before the gym this will give you all the energy you need.

5. Pre-made bars. If your out and about before your workout and can't get home to make something your best et is to grab a pre made bar from the shelf. Check the back, your looking for something with about 35 grams of carbs but try not to have more than 4 grams of fat or 10 grams of protein.

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