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Things to do in San Antonio...

San Antonio has always had a fairly bad rep when it comes to Ibiza lovers, mainly due to the one street we all know as the West End. PR's grabbing you every two steps for drinks deals, kebab shops selling something you would only consider after a lot of alcohol and youngsters on their first holiday to Ibiza passed out in the street. If you've been to San An you will know the West End is about 40 metres long and takes you 10 minutes to walk down (so long as its not peak season). San Antonio as a whole is pretty small but still much bigger than these 40 metres that have given its reputation.

So what else is San An known for other than the strip? If you usually steer clear, opting for Ibiza Town or Playa Den Bossa, now might be a good time to reconsider. Theres been some major renovations happening in the town for the past couple of years, and its pretty decent. Here's our top things to do in San An:

1. Ocean Beach

Opening a few years back, this pool party is the place to be. There's something for everyone as you can have a sun bed, a table or a VIP bed in the middle of the pool. People dress up for this pool party, but opt for swimsuits and bikinis so they at least have the option of going in the pool if after a few glasses of bubbly they decide they fancy a swim. There's always lots of activities going on and you get to witness the jet pack man up close as he flies over the pool, as well as dancers who swing in hoops above you.

For more info visit their website https://www.oceanbeachibiza.com

2. Sol House Mixed by Ibiza Rocks Rooftop cocktails

Ibiza Rocks are pretty well known in San An now, and they've just opened a new hotel. Its in the Bay area, which everyone knows is a little bit of a walk (about 25mins), but this rooftop bar is worth it. It has 360degree views of Ibiza as well as an infinity pool, which can be used during the day. The cocktail menu is pretty good and you can chill out on a bean bag chair while you drink.

3. Water sports

Being such a touristy area theres lots to do in the marina where the boats come in, including banana boats, jet skies, glass bottom boats and snorkelling. Some of the trips include a sunset cruise so once you're finished with your activities you stay on the boat and it stops so you can watch the sunset. Some even give you a beer or glass of bubbly!

4. Cala Gracio Beach

Although it does get busy, the main beach of San An isn't the nicest. Walk for about 15 minutes and you will find Cala Gracio beach which is lovely. Its a pretty private beach, not over looked by anything as its set in a deep cove. You can hire sunbeds for the day and there's a restaurant if you get hungry.

5. The Skinny Kitchen

We couldn't write this blog post without adding ourselves in, could we?! If you care about your health and fitness and want to stay in shape and eat right when you're away there really is no where else in San An. And we aren't just saying that! We have two Skinny Kitchens now, one on the marina and one off a side street in the West End. Both offer healthy, homemade food, high protein, low carb meals, shakes and smoothies.

Instagram: the_skinny_kitchen

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