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Why have we gone eggs and avocado crazy?

This improbably one of the most Instagramed meals, especially if you follow fitness and healthy food fanatics. It is also hands down ones of the most popular breakfasts we serve at The Skinny Kitchen, but why have we all gone eggs and avocado crazy?

Well, firstly its tastes really, really good. And secondly and more importantly, its very good for you. Both eggs and avocado have got a pretty bad rep in the past. We've been told eggs are high in cholesterol and avocado contains lots of fat. But we are becoming more and more knowledgeable when it comes to food, and there a wealth of information out there that tells us why this combo is actually a great start to your day (or even end!)

So its tastes good and our bodies thank us for eating it, lets break down why:


If you can find a local supplier of eggs from someone who keeps chickens in their garden, you're onto a winner. They tend to contain much more of the good stuff than what supermarket eggs do as the chickens have a good diet and aren't exposed to harmful environments. Failing that opt for the organic free range ones in the supermarket. So what's so good about eggs?

1. They're full of protein, and due to the high protein content they keep you full for a long time. This leads to less temptation when it comes to that mid morning snack, which can help lead to weight loss. One egg contains about 6grams of protein, which is about 11% of a mans daily intake and 14% of a womans.

2. They contain lots of vitamins:

Vitamin B2 which helps the body break down food

Vitamin B12 vital for producing red blood cells

Vitamin A which is great for your eyesight

Vitamin E which can help fight cancer

3. There's lots of iron and zinc in eggs. Both are great for increasing optimal physical performance and energy levels.


Avocado consumption has boomed recently and we are getting very creative with how we eat them. At The Skinny Kitchen we even use them in our cocktail; the avocado daiquiri. So what's so great about this veg we were once told to avoid due to high fat content?

1. Healthy fats. Although they are high in fat, they are very low in saturated fat, which is the one you want to avoid. The type of fat in an avocado is oleic acid, with health benefits comparable to olive oil.

2. Avocados contain high quantities of potassium and fiber. Fiber can help aid weight loss as it controls blood sugar spikes and studies have shown that potassium helps reduced blood pressure.

3. They contain 20 different vitamins and minerals. The top 5 being:

Vitamin K - 26% of daily intake

Folate - 20% of daily intake

Vitamin C - 17% of daily intake

Potassium 14% of daily intake

Vitamin B5 - 14% of daily intake

Pair these two ingredients together and you have a powerhouse breakfast. So, grab some fresh eggs and a ripe avocado and get practising this increasingly popular meal!

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