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Guilty Mondays...

We’ve all been there. Guilty Mondays. When you’ve spent the weekend eating a little (okay, a lot) more than you usually would and haven’t had time to go to the gym because, well, you’ve been living life.

Maybe this doesn’t describe you. Maybe you’re dedicated and actually revealed in an empty gym on Saturday and Sunday. (Smug? You?)

But that doesn’t mean the rest of the world did. So it’s still guilty Monday. It’s 6pm, you’ve finished work and the gyms packed. Your favorite matt is taken, the best free weights are all in use and no chance of doing any cardio when every treadmill is being used and you’re pretty sure you can even see a small queue forming.

So what’s the best way to workout on guilty Mondays?

Don’t go to the gym

Everyone needs a rest day, so tactfully work it out so Monday is yours.

Workout outside

It’s coming up to summer so you can get away with this at the moment. There’s gym equipment popping up in parks everywhere. Have you checked your local park out lately to see if you have anything? Failing that, the beach. Working out on the sand is much harder work. It’s nice to mix up your routine every now and again, and being outside is actually pretty refreshing.

Pick the least popular equipment

Scope this out the week before. What is the one piece of equipment that, even when it’s really busy, no one seems to use. Google it and workout a routine you can do using it for next Monday. You might even enjoy it and learn something new.

Go late

If you can just wait until around 8-9pm when the gym always quietens down.

Have dinner first

Come see us at The Skinny Kitchen first! Grab a gym friend and pop in for some pre-workout food. During dinner you can plan a workout. Your going to have lots more energy from the food you've eaten so you can plan a workout you would usually find a little difficult and attempt it together.

So, there we go. Tips to avoid frustrating Mondays at the gym!

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