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Tomorrow is national 'eat your veg day'

Tomorrow is national 'Eat your veg day'. At The Skinny Kitchen we like to think every day is eat (or drink) your veg day, as we fill our food with veggies. Even our desserts and cocktails! Visit The Skinny Kitchen on national 'eat your veg day' to get your fix or use our meals for inspiration and tag us on Instagram with your creations!

Sweet Potato Brownie

Yep, veggies in your dessert. Sweet potato is naturally sweet and the sugars are released slowly into the blood stream which gives a balanced source of energy and doesn't cause blood sugar spikes.

Ultimate Detox

Made up of broccoli, spinach, kale, cucumber, ginger and mango this will give you your veggie fix in one hit. Our smoothies are avaialble to takeaway as well as have in.

Avocado Daiquiri

As this day has fallen on a Friday we had to include our veggie cocktail! Why not sip a cocktail whilst getting your dose of greens? The creamy texture of an avocado is perfect for a daiquiri.

Use Your Noodle

Spiralisers have changed the way we use veggies. Ditch the pasta today and spiralise some carrot, courgette or squash. If you don't have a spiraliser come see us for this veggie packed dish.

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