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Fancy being a skinny chef?

At our new Skinny Kitchen in Canterbury we still have some kitchen roles available. Our chefs are passionate people working in a new concept restaurant, as it gives them something different than they've experience before. Fresh fruit and veg is piled high and meals are cooked fresh daily. Our presentation is unique and you get to learn new tricks in the kitchen.

We are currently looking for a grill chef and prep chef. Read the job descriptions below and see if it sounds like a bit of you!

Grill Chef

It's hot work but someones got to do it. Our meat is all grilled therefore you are an integral part of the skinny kitchen food preparation chain. Our food is freshly produced and being a protein based gym inspired restaurant there are post gym goers out there hungry for fresh meat. You need to be fast, yet efficient. ​An important part of your job is to communicate with the rest of your team therefore we encourage you to make friends, talk and try and agree on a music playlist for the kitchen.

​If you've got experience in the kitchen and think you'll make a great skinny kitchen grill chef then give us a shout.

Prep Chef

Are your chopping skills on point? Do you shock friends and family with your speed and ability to not cut finger off? A prep chef position at The Skinny Kitchen could be the job for you!

​We work with fresh ingredients which means this is a pretty big job. From sweet potatoes to whipping up a batch of protein waffles, your job will be pretty diverse. You'll need some previous experience for this position, as well as pretty good knife skills. We'd also love it if you were confident working as part of a team, as communication is key to a successful kitchen.

Email Joel@skinnykitchen.co

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