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How to keep fit at a festival...

It's festival season and that can inevitably mean sleeping on a bumpy ground, waking up in soggy clothes and not showering for a week. For a fitness fanatic this can be a nightmare. No cross trainer, no free weights, no fresh clean gym clothes. Just lots of hippies roaming around with a cider in their hand and flowers in their hair (we love you really)

But you’ve been invited a festival and you want to go. So how can you maintain a fitness regime at a festival?

Bicep curls

Offer to carry drinks on the way in and bicep curl bottles of Strongbow.

Works: Biceps

Squat hold

You won’t want to sit on the toilet so use this as a chance to perfect your squat hold at least 4-6 times a day.

Works: Quads, hamstrings, glutes

Hip lifts

Uncomfortable sleeping on bumpy ground? Try hip lifts. This will ease the pain for as long as you can hold a hip lift for.

Works: Core strength, glutes

Squat Jump

Get in the mosh pit and jump. It will look like your rocking out with everyone but really you’re doing 3 rounds of 30 squat jumps.

Works: Quads


When it’s your round at the bar try and walk back to your group carrying one drink on top of the other, without dropping them.

Works: Core strength


Bend down in a crowd and more than likely the nearest person will jump on your shoulders. Lift them up and hold them on your shoulders as long as possible.

Works: Triceps, shoulders, quads

Thought you were going to have a few days off your fitness activities, think again! A festival is really just a playground for gym bunnies!

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