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Why eat breakfast?

We often hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but why?


Breakfast quite literally means 'break - fast' Your body needs energy as it's been hours since your last meal. Give your body the energy it needs!


Breakfast restores glucose levels, an essential carb needed for your brain to function. Vital if you want to have a productive day at work or good workout in the gym.

Weight control

Breakfast kick starts your metabolism, meaning you can burn more calories throughout the day. Studies show missing breakfast can actually make you gain weight.

Healthy choices

If you skip breakfast you're more likely to grab something unhealthy at lunch or around 11am and will probably go for bigger portion sizes.

Don't fancy making it yourself?

The Skinny Kitchen are serving healthy breakfasts in Bournemouth, Canterbury, Belfast and soon Box Park Croydon!

Locations: here

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