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We absolutely love this write up on The Skinny Kitchen Bournemouth! We had to re-post it.

Ahh summer; the growing warmth, brighter evenings, the short-shorts – it’s a magical time of year. Some (myself included) consider summer to be the best season of them all, but for others it conjures a feeling of deep and unrelenting fear. A fear that summer, in all of its glory, means that it is officially time to unleash one’s ‘bikini body’… myself included. I’m no fool, I know that no idyllic figure came from indulging in mountainous heaps of carbohydrates and that maybe the odd sit-up might help. However I, like so many others, can be categorised (oh so appropriately) as follows; ‘Fit-ish’.

‘Fit-ish’ (by Urban Dictionary definition): Semi-fit; kind of fit; someone who likes the idea of being fit, but equally likes food. So you can understand my excitement when we stumbled across ‘The Skinny Kitchen’, a foodie hangout that aims to provide super tasty food that can be customised to abide by your current health and diet rules. Whether you’re in need of more protein, fewer carbs or healthy fats (yes it’s a thing), there is something on the menu no matter what.

A collection of new age fitness enthusiasts have emerged in the last few years, pining for the slogan ‘strong is the new skinny’. Certain social media influencers are leading the way into this entirely new mindset, especially when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss. It’s less about going without and more so about treating your body like a well oiled machine – give it the right fuel and it will run properly. Eating well has a whole new look, forget dry salads and rice cakes. Now our newsfeeds are stacking up with gluten-less pancakes and protein heavy treats and people are going mad for it!

“There’s no such thing as a diet, healthy food is 365 days a year” – The Skinny Kitchen

These ‘millenniums’ have new idols. They are no longer obsessing over willowing, gaunt supermodels, instead they are looking up to people who are sweating it out at the gym and pumping their bodies full of good food, lots of it in fact. Skinny Kitchen’s primary audience are these such folk, though when offered with delicious food that can keep you looking trim – who wouldn’t go for it?!

Our team arrived for a late lunch one afternoon. Cosied up in a lime green booth, we gazed over the signature SK menu. The place is petite, around 30 covers or so at a guess. The décor is minimalist with a touch of charm: greying wooden benches and ‘ikea-esk’ tin chairs, terracotta plant pots, a collection of juxtaposed geometric light shades. Not forgetting the teeny tiny kettle-bell bookends holding up their menus – how utterly endearing! The running theme is green, which lends itself to its healthy food philosophy; fresh, energetic and wholesome, it’s instantaneously uplifting.

Their core menu is comprised of four sections: breakfast, lunch, dinner and my personal favourite ‘waffles and pancakes’ (give me strength to resist over indulging). In addition to their eclectic main menu, they have put a particularly unique spin on their beverage options also. Offering handmade juices, smoothies and protein shakes, each with their own quirky name. In the theme of all things lean, their ‘skinny bunny’ smoothie caught my eye: packed with tons of tropical fruit, spinach, lemongrass and coconut milk – think nutrition injected Pina Colada (minus the booze).

The time came to make our selections. Unable to resist, I opted for their ‘Peanut Butter and Banana Waffles’ (so much joy in the description alone). These were no ordinary waffles. In order to transform a once so sinful dish into a healthy treat, they have crafted a signature batter recipe that is packed with protein powder and flax seeds. Protein is your must-have ingredient for building muscles and the flax seeds, well, what don’t they do! In addition to containing tons of vitamins, they are also high in fibre, gluten-free and aid weight loss (cue running to shop to buy up every packet of flaxseeds). The waffles weren’t the conventional sugary kind, but instead far more refined. The peanut butter was silky and rich in nutty-oils, totally different to store bought and the fact that it was organic was the (fat-free) icing on the cake. They aren’t shy with their portions either, which is totally synonymous with this idea of not going without. The final touch is a drizzle of honey, with added bee pollen. It is said that local honey has the power to reduce the symptoms of hay fever – it’s official; it’s a miracle waffle.

I am sold. Thoroughly and completely sold. I love the idea of pigging out on food I love, that just so happens to be packed with the good stuff I need to keep fighting fit. Thank you Skinny Kitchen, and thank you to the incredibly energetic and friendly staff that tended to us.

CREDIT: http://house-mag.co.uk/2016/the-skinny-kitchen-feed-me-skinny/

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