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How important is sleep for weight control?

For those of you reading this from Ibiza, we don't image you are getting a lot of sleep. There seems to be a way to survive day after day on very little, if any sleep. Whether you're working late or getting in late (by late we mean early - like 8am) Even in the UK we have a habit to want to make the most of our evenings by staying up late, sacrificing sleep for social time (or TV) But how does lack of sleep effect your body? Research shows that people who sleep less than 7 hours a night are more prone to weight gain and find weight loss much harder.

So, why does getting enough sleep help with controlling your weight?

1. Less snacking

If you go to bed earlier you are less likely to snack late into the evening. Dinner was at 6pm so by 10pm you're hungry, right? Instead of heading to the cupboards head to the bed. Not only will you wake up feeling leaner than you would after munching on whatever you found, but you'll also be much more refreshed.

2. Burn more calories

Studies have found that if you sleep well you burn more calories when you are resting (resting energy expenditure) - infact 5% more than people who are tired.

3. Increased energy

If you're feeling tired you are much less likely to want to hit the gym for a workout which you put 100% effort in to. You might still go to the gym, but not putting in the effort while you are there won't make the visit worthwhile.

4. Right food choices

When you are tired you have an increased activity in the amygdala - the reward region of your brain. You are more likely to crave bigger portions and unhealthy food, and don't have the mind control to stop yourself.

We like to look after the sleep deprived of Ibiza with healthy smoothies, fresh juices and protein shakes. There is so much choice on our menu and not one item is unhealthy. So stick with The Skinny Kitchen and you can't make a bad choice! We are located on the marina and the west end in Ibiza.

If you're in the UK then we have two Skinny Kitchens offering the same healthy, protein based food in Canterbury and Bournemouth

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