• Rachel Mason

Good carbs V Bad carbs

You’ve all heard of this before, there are good carbs and there are bad carbs. But what carbs should you eat and what should you avoid? Carbs are found in most of what we eat from fruit and veg, to the more obvious ones such as bread and pasta. They are vital for our bodies to function, as they are the main source of energy. Increasing your knowledge on what carbs to eat and what ones to cut back on can actually help you with weight control, and even weight loss.

Bad Carbs aka the enemy (found nowhere at The Skinny Kitchen!)

What are they?

- Usually high in calories

- Low in fiber

- High in refined sugars

- High in refined grains (such as white flour)

- Low in most nutrients

Where can they be found? (unfortunately they are not limited to this list!)

- White bread

- Cereals which are high in sugar

- Cakes, cookies, doughnuts, biscuits (you get the idea!)

- Fizzy, sugary drinks

- Crisps

- Pizza

Good carbs

- Generally lower in calories

- Lots of nutrients

- No refined grains or sugars

- Low in saturated fat

- High in fiber

Where can they be found? (fortunately not limited to this list!)

- Sweet potato

- Rolled oats

- Brown rice

- Quinoa

- Whole grain bread / wholegrain tortillas

- Legumes (beans, chickpeas, black beans etc)

- Fruit and veg

At The Skinny Kitchen we pride ourselves on serving food which suits many diets. If you are conscious of eating the right carbs in your diet then you are safe with The Skinny Kitchen. For example, our protein bowls are filled with quinoa, sweet potato and various beans, meaning you can fill up on good carbs. We have taken bad carbs off the menu, giving you a totally guilt free place to enjoy a meal out - even our brownie is made with sweet potato!

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