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Switch up the soy for gluten free diets...

To eat gluten or to not eat gluten - that is the question of, well the past few years really. Some swear by a gluten free diet, others have no choice due to intolerance and some dip in and out when they want to. If you're new to this type of diet, you may be surprised to know soy sauce contains gluten. It's a sneaky little sauce as many of our meals can appear gluten free at first glance but use soy in the recipe that makes them so incredibly tasty.

So, how do we give you gluten free dieters more choice? We switch up the soy!

We have now ditched the soy sauce at The Skinny Kitchen in favour its Japanese friend - Tamari. They are very similar in taste, colour and texture meaning you won't notice a change in the meals you love, just a few more gluten free icons on the menu!

This means gluten free dieters can now enjoy our 'use your noodle', 'body builder' and 'hotlime wings' Wondering what an earth these unusually named dishes are then check out our menu here!

SKINNY TIP: (For those with an intolerance) If you want to switch up the soy at home for more gluten free options just make sure you check the label, as not all Tamari sauces are gluten free, some can contain a 'trace' of gluten.

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