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Top Tips for doing ‘veganuary’

January is a time a lot of people vow to make new beginnings, for many its eating healthier but some like to take it a little further and really challenge themselves. ‘Veganuary’ has been around for a few years now, a time where many veggies, and even some meat eaters, drop everything non-vegan from their diet. This diet means no meat or dairy, things most of us consume without really thinking.

So how can you test out the vegan diet for veganuary?

1. Do some research.

A quick google of vegan diet and you will what food you can eat. Any diet can be unhealthy if you don’t do it right, so just because chips or fries are vegan, doesn’t mean you can live off them. As a quick guide you will be eating things like:

  • Chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans

  • Vegetables

  • Fruit

  • Tofu

  • Fake meats, such as quorn

  • Nuts and seeds

2. Food shop.

This will be pretty challenging as you will be looking at the supermarket in a whole new light. You’re pretty safe in the fruit and veg aisle, which is one of the reasons a vegan diet is healthy as lots of your meals will now be made up of fresh fruit and veg. The supermarkets now have lots of dairy few options and extensive ‘free from’ sections.

3. Find some recipes.

You can probably switch up a lot of meals you already have with small changes to make them vegan. For example at breakfast, swap cows milk for almond milk in porridge, skip putting butter on peanut butter on toast or have dairy free yogurt with fruit. Peta.org (link below) actually give you a 2 week meal plan, which you can copy each meal from, making it very simple.


4. Watch your protein intake

You willl need to get the right amount of protein in your diet and people always question how this is possible if you aren’t eating meat or diary. We wrote a blog on this which you can read here

5. Visit us at The Skinny Kitchen!

We have lots of options for vegans at The Skinny Kitchen and are open to making veggie dishes vegan wherever we can. You can check out our menu here.

6. Read about the benefits.

At some points, like with any diet, you may feel like giving up. Read up on the benefits of what you are doing. It goes way beyond just health benefits for you, it extends to the environment and animals as well.

Good luck with Veganuary and see you soon in The Skinny Kitchen for some dairy free meals!

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