• Rachel Mason

Wondering what to eat for 'Veganuary'?

If you are vegetarian already this is slightly easier, but for those switching from a meat eating diet to a vegan diet it may seem pretty daunting. As with any 'diet' a lot of it comes down to planning and meal prep, and going vegan is no different. Don't let yourself get caught out somewhere with nothing to eat on you and only meat heavy options around you.

We have written a vegan meal plan which should suit most people with basic cooking abilities. We aren't expecting you to be Jamie Oliver in the kitchen, with some basic knowledge this should be pretty easy to maintain.

Meal prep might sound daunting but it can be as simple as using what you made the night before in your lunch with next day. This will mean you have a vegan lunch ready to go and are less likely to give up and grab something on the go because you're late/tired (or both!) We have included some basic meal prep in here so you will notice lots of cross overs which should make it much easier for you to go vegan for veganuary!

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