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Meet the skinny crew!

The Skinny Kitchen now has 4 restaurants across the UK and Ibiza, and a lot of work goes into the management of these from our Directors to our Smoothie Makers. We thought you'd like to get to know the team behind the scenes and see a little more of what goes on. We are going to interview our team members about their roles, favourite meals and top healthy eating tips so enjoy!

Firstly we meet Danny, the Operations Manager.

Danny behind the bar at The Skinny Kitchen in Bournemouth

What is your role at The Skinny Kitchen and which restaurant do you work in?

My role at The Skinny Kitchen is Operations Manager. I started with the company in May 2016 at the restaurant in Bournemouth as Manager there but have moved up quickly and am now Operations Manager/Executive Chef.

What does a day working at the The Skinny Kitchen involve for you?

I play a very hands on role within the company which I love and no two days are ever the same. My days can vary from being on the pass in the kitchen to traveling abroad to help with the restaurants overseas, which has recently meant I’ve spent a lot of time at the new Skinny Kitchen in Belfast. I am always trying to develop the company and having great relationships with my two restaurant managers (Ben Tapponier at the restaurant in Canterbury and Chelsea Seeds at the restaurant in Bournemouth) is key to the execution of this.

What's you favorite meal and drink at the The Skinny Kitchen and why?

Whilst at work I get the advantage of having some amazing healthy food and drink. My favorite drink for sure is the ‘super skin’ smoothie as its so refreshing and packed full of fruit and veg. Food wise it has got to be our ‘cod pot’. We put this dish on the menu in Ibiza last year and we just had to bring it to the restaurants in Canterbury and Bournemouth too.

Cod pot at The Skinny Kitchen

Working at The Skinny Kitchen you must eat well, what's your top healthy eating tip?

I usually start my day with a freshly pressed carrot and ginger juice and our smashed avocado on toast as breakfast is a crucial part of the day to get your metabolism working. I try to always have a balanced diet and ensure I’m eating fresh fruit and veg as it is essential to your body functioning properly.

Smashed avocado on toast at The Skinny Kitchen

Thanks Danny!

Look out for the next blog where you can meet some more of the skinny crew!

Find out more about The Skinny Kitchen opening in Belfast soon

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