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RECIPE: Strawberry and chia seed jam

Experimenting with our menu is a regular occurrence at The Skinny Kitchen HQ and we are currently working on our Spring/Summer menu. During our testing for various porridge and protein pancake toppings we came up with this strawberry and chia seed jam and had to share it with you!

It was very simple to make, tastes amazing and is great healthy topping alternative for cakes, in porridge or on toast. The chia seeds give it the thick, sticky consistency it needs and although there are only a few ingredients they are packed with health benefits


Chia seeds are full of omega 3 and 6, high in protein, antioxidants and fibre.


Strawberries are so tasty so you might be surprised to know they are full of health benefits too. They are packed with vitamin C, are rumoured to prevent heart disease and reduce cholesterol.



2 cups strawberries

2 tablespoons chia seeds

2 tablespoons agave (for vegan) or honey

Water (if needed)


1. Put all your ingredients into a blender and blend

2. Heat on a low heat until the mixture starts bubbling then leave on a low heat for 5 minutes

3. Pour all the mixture into a jar and leave to cool

4. Done! Keep for 5-7 days

Enjoy and tag us on Instagram with your creations! @the_skinny_kitchen

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