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Meet the Skinny Crew!

Our team work hard to bring healthy food to the highstreet so we are letting our customers see behind the scenes of a Skinny Kitchen with our Meet the Skinny Crew blogs. They're sharing their favourite Skinny Kitchen meals, what they do day to day working in the restaurant industry and their fitness and health tips!

On our second installment we meet Alex...

Alex behind the bar at The Skinny Kitchen in Canterbury

What is your role at The Skinny Kitchen and which restaurant do you work in?

I've been working in the Canterbury restaurant since it opened in June last year. I started off mainly on the bar making smoothies, protein shakes, juices and superfood cocktails but I've worked my way up and am now Supervisor.

What does a day working at the The Skinny Kitchen involve for you?

When we open the restaurant we have to prepare lots of fresh fruit for the day, which is a big task considering how many fresh juices, smoothies and protein shakes we sell! I then make sure the rest of the restaurant is set up for service. Lunch is always busy, I'm usually on the bar and so making all the drinks that go out to our customers.

What's you favorite meal and drink at the The Skinny Kitchen and why?

My favourite meal is by far the pulse raiser dahl, which is ones of our vegetarian meals. The cauliflower rice is a great lower carb option and the taste and flavours reminds me of when I worked in Sri Lanka. My favourite drink is the kook kale as is it really refreshing, and I love a fresh green juice!

Pulse raiser dahl at The Skinny Kitchen in Canterbury

Working at The Skinny Kitchen you must eat well, what's your top healthy eating tip? Drinking lots of water has to be my top healthy lifestyle tip as well as try not to snack too much and exercise regularly!

Kool Kale juice at The Skinny Kitchen Canterbury

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