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The vegan movement and our menu!

The word ‘vegan’ is now more mainstream that ever, with people catching on to the movement rapidly. This is really thanks to things like Veganuary and the ’30 days vegan pledge’ by Peta, which encourage people to be vegan for a month, in the hope they will love it and continue. The graph below, taken from Peta’s website, shows the number of searches for the word ‘vegan’ over the years, and it has flown up!

Graph on google searches for the word 'vegan' from Petas website

Lots of our favourite vegetarian brands are bringing out vegan options too, such as Quorn, which means they are dropping the egg used to make their products, such as their vegetarian burgers. Other brands that seem to be adopting the trend too are Ben and Jerrys who have announced a dairy free range of ice cream (Lord help our summer bodies!) and Hellmanns who are currently creating an egg free mayonnaise.

At The Skinny Kitchen we stay on top of health food trends and veganism is not one we could ignore. We have always been vegan friendly, with icons on our menu that show which meals are vegan, in the same way most restaurants show the vegetarian meals. As Ibiza 2017 is round the corner and spring is fast approaching we decided to give our menu a fresh, healthy update and the amount of vegan options the menu offers was high on the agenda of things to change.

Our vegetarian meals now have vegan options and swaps highlighted clearly for example our vegetarian burger meal now says ‘swap the sauce and halloumi for smashed avocado’ and we have even done the same with some of our meatier meals such as the ‘Clean and Jerk’ giving the option to swap the chicken for a soy protein patty.

clean and jerk at The Skinny Kitchen is now available for vegans

clean and jerk

A wholesome bowl of spicy rice and chilli lime peas topped with grilled chicken breast, fiery jerk sauce, corn on the cob, fresh chillies and coriander

Vegan? Swap the chicken for a soy protein patty

cals 516 protein 43g carbs 55g fat 11.3g

Seriously stacked burger at The Skinny Kitchen now available for vegans

seriously stacked burger

Choose between a beef or soy protein burger with grilled halloumi, sweet onions, baby gem lettuce, tomato, red onion, homemade jalapeño and avocado sauce in a sourdough bun served with sweet potato fries

Low carb? Swap your burger bun for a lettuce bun

Vegan? Swap the halloumi and sauce for smashed avocado

cals 616 protein 50g carbs 58g fat 19.3g (based on beef)

We have done the same with our breakfast menu with the eggs on veggie breakfasts being swap for avocado, as we get a lot of requests for vegan options at breakfast!

We are so excited about our new menu and hope you love it. The menu is available to look at online, if you want to check out our new vegan options, click below!

View here

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