• Rachel Mason

Activated charcoal...what's all the fuss about?

The latest addition to The Skinny Kitchen drinks menu is Black Lemonade. You may have seen our blog on the health food trends of 2017 we did in January, if not you can see it here. One of them was activated charcoal and that is the main ingredient in our Black Lemonade. Although it may seem a bit daunting at first, don’t be put of! We have teamed it with fresh lemon, honey and lavender to sweeten it up so you can really enjoy your health kick. Activated charcoal doesn’t actually have much taste, so drinking our black lemonade is very similar to drinking a fresh homemade lemonade, with a hint of lavender.

Drinking activated charcoal is becoming big and its pretty much down to its ability to absorb… Here’s why:

  • Relieve stomach discomfort and gas – absorbs gas producing particles in the stomach when taken before or right after a meal

  • General detoxifying – the charcoal is said to absorb toxins from the body

  • Hangover prevention/cure – the charcoal absorbs the alcohol toxins from the body if drank before or after a night out

You don’t only need to drink activated charcoal to get the health benefits, there’s also many more uses…

  • Whiten teeth – just dab your tooth brush in the powder and rub on

  • Skin - Make your own face mask by mixing with water and tea tree oil to draw our impurities in the skin, great for acne suffers.

  • Makeup - use as eyeliner, mix with a tiny bit of water and you have a natural eyeliner

  • Hair – Mix with your shampoo for relief of itchy/oily scalp, remove toxins and dirt from hair and add volume

Yep, we are pretty much sold on activated charcoal and can see why its on the the top superfoods of 2017!

Visit us at The Skinny Kitchen in Bournemouth, Belfast, Canterbury or Ibiza to have a healthy meal and a glass of detoxifying activated charcoal!

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