• Rachel Mason

Macros in Pancakes

Yay, its pancake day! We love it, but if you’re watching what you eat for whatever reason you might want to look for healthier options over traditional pancakes. The calories can seriously stack up (no pun intended) when you inevitably get to your third pancake (I mean, who can resist!) We’ve gone head to head with the pancake macros:

Regular pancakes V protein pancakes!

That is based on one pancake without toppings. Protein pancakes tend to use egg, banana and protein power so we’ve based it on that, clearly the much healthier option!

We’re putting out some great ideas today for healthier pancakes toppings, so put the nutella back in the cupboard and try some of these:

Peanut butter and honey

Dark chocolate and strawberries

Greek yogurt, honey and banana

Enjoy pancake day!