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Why work a season in Ibiza?

Every year thousands of people jump on a one way (probably EasyJet) flight and head to Ibiza. If you haven’t been before, you’ve probably heard the rumours; it’s a constant party on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, it’s really sunny and at some point there’s a high chance your end up on a yacht . If this is what you are expecting then, well, you wont be wrong.

I’m Rachel, one of The Skinny Kitchen owners and I’m writing from experience. A few years back (I wont say how many, but probably not as many as you think) Lois, one of the other owners and my BFF for well over a decade, and I spontaneously booked a one way flight and headed over. It was the first time I had been, so I was a total newbie. Lois had done a season before, so on the first night knew all the spots to take me to (que generic worker spots; Viva, Hush and some others that are definitely closed now)

From the first night I was hooked. I knew I was staying all summer so the next day we did all the things you do when you decide your going to spend the summer in Ibiza; take a trip to Eroksi to work out what food there is that you understand, buy a SIM card and get a Spanish number, walk down the west end carrying a fan and a suitcase as you chase up adverts from The ship on rooms to rent. I made a lot of that sound quite simple, you will struggle when getting a Spanish phone. You will forget your passport. You will swear at the Spanish man, who obviously will have no clue what your talking about. And the fan…that will probably be the least strange thing you walk down the West End with all season….just wait.

What a great first couple of days, we were really settled in now. So… what next? Oh yeah! Job! We actually need to work out here if we are going to survive. I don’t want to say the internet wasn’t around when we did a season, because that makes us sound really really really old but Google wasn’t such a thing, so all those things you can Google and find now (like this blog) you couldn’t then. So imagine going to Ibiza to find a job without any prior knowledge. NIE? What’s that? Im sure I can get a job without that! Ermmmm you cant. And you have to queue for approximately 2-48,000 hours to get one. But once you have it you can legally work in Spain, yay!

By now I’ve been in Ibiza a week and I’m really learning the ropes, recruitment days, Eroksi trips and how to function as normally as possible despite the fact I’ve had 5 hours sleep… that week.

Finding a job (a good one) in Ibiza is hard. Once you have that job, work! Go in on time, smile and don’t be too hungover. Because you will then be sorted for the whole summer; you’ll have money to spend on nights out, you’re likely to get free entry to some amazing events and staff parties at the end of the season are one of the best things ever.

So now on to The Skinny Kitchen… we are looking for people of all levels; waiters, smoothie makers and managers, so go crazy, book that spontaneous one way flight, print out your CV (even though you havent used a printer in what, years) get that NIE number and land a job which will give you hands down, the BEST experience of your life.

If I could turn back time I would love to work for The Skinny Kitchen. We wont go into the jobs Lois and I actually had….

On that note… APPLY HERE!

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