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Monday AKA Meat Free Monday...

This meat free Monday thing is getting big now! We love it because at The Skinny Kitchen we offer loads of meat free options and even vegan options on many of our dishes, so its easier than ever to do meat free Monday.

We wrote a blog a little while back on the 'Flexetarian' diet, which is where you only eat meat every now and again, say if you go to someones house for dinner or your out at a (steak) restaurant... There's loads of heath benefits to dropping some meat from your diet which we covered in this blog

We could give you recipes, and we do from time to time, but instead we are going to write out a days plan of what you can eat on meat free Mondays. For some people this is the tricky bit, many people genuinely believe veggies live on lettuce....!


Over night oats with banana, berries, honey, almond milk (and anything else you fancy throwing in!)

(a recipe can be found here)


Rice cakes with peanut butter and banana


Wholemeal wrap with hummus, falafel, pumpkin seeds, rocket and tomatoes.




Have you tried bean pasta yet? We wrote a blog about the top foods of 2017, it was featured there and we love it! Its a really natural way to add more protein and fibre to a vegetarian meal. Try mixing it with vegetarian pesto (pesto without the parmesan) some mushrooms and veggie sausage and top with buffalo mozzarella. If you make extra you can always have it for lunch the next day too, a bonus meat free meal!

Enjoy your meat free Monday, once you get the hang of it, it's not too hard. And if you visit us at The Skinny Kitchen in Bournmeouth, Canterbury, Belfast or Ibiza it's even easier!

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