• Rachel Mason

How to avoid over doing it at the weekend...

Love a treat at the weekend? Yes, us too, guilty as charged! There’s something about just thinking ‘oh but its Friday night! Ill just have…’ which generally is a theme that carries on the whole weekend.

We have so much structure during the weekend and much less temptation than we do at the weekend. So how can you keep eating healthy all weekend? Weekdays tend to be strict and inevitably probably quite regimented, and you dont want it to go to waste!

Its all about avoiding the food temptations. Let’s take a look at what they can be at the weekend

1. Going out for dinner

This has to be top of the list, social events tend to revolve around food! It will be really hard to not indulge in a nice main course, so go for it but drop the sides, starter and dessert. You’re still getting what you want without holding back too much.

2. Sunday night takeaways

There options on most takeaways that are a little healthier, search for them and get that. You will probably be really surprised by how much you like it, because really who feels particularly great after a creamy curry or XXL stuffed crust pizza anyway? If your lucky enough to live in Canterbury or Bournemouth The Skinny Kitchen is on Deliervoo so healthy takeaways are easy!

3. Treats and a film

Sometimes you just spend a night in at the weekend, but for a lot of us this means we feel inclined to sit in and eat lots of treats, because its the weekend. There are healthier options when it comes to treats these days. You’ll feel a lot better the next day if you’ve just eaten a few healthy bits than if you had destroyed a whole bag of crisps, some Ben and Jerrys ice cream and a slab of dairy milk. We love rice cakes with dark chocolate, Ben and Jerrys Frozen yogurt and fresh olives. If you cant resist the crisps get some lighter ones, such as popped chips, that are baked or grab some savoury flavoured ricecakes.

4. Alcohol

Of course, the most hidden calories out there - alcohol. We aren't going to tell you not to drink because its the weekend after all! But think about what you are having. Light spirits such as vodka and gin are much lower in calories, mix with something sugar free and use natural sweetness such as fresh lime. If you live near The Skinny Kitchen in Belfast, Bournemouth or Canterbury this is easy as we have a great superfood cocktail menu.

Or visit us at The Skinny Kitchen when you are eating out… view our locations here

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