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Healthy Easter Eggs...

Easter can be a difficult time to stick to your personal health and fitness goals. The supermarket shelves are lined with chocolate easter eggs and they are so cheap too! Your not making it any easier for us, supermarkets!

So what do you do at Easter if you’ve spent weeks or months working hard in the gym and eating well, when you will undoubtedly be faced with lots of egg shaped chocolate?

We think a treat once in a while is perfectly fine, so time this with Easter and pick something a little healthier than, say a giant Mars easter egg or unlimited amounts of cadburys creme eggs. There are actually so many alternative Easter eggs popping up, whether you are dairy free, gluten intolerant or want lots of protein in your diet.

We’ve tracked down some great options of healthy easter egg alternatives which may suit your health and fitness goals.

Divine Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

We love this one because its 70% cocoa and at around £3 its pretty reasonable too. Being from the brand Divine it is also fair-trade chocolate too!

MyProtein protein chocolate easter egg

This Easter egg contains 11g of protein and 61% less sugar ‘than other popular easter eggs’ and is gluten free and vegetarian. They have improved the packaging since last year too, so we think it makes a great gift.... (to ourselves...)

Organic, fair free easter egg from MooFree

We love this Easter Egg. Made in the UK in a factory that doesn’t produce any other milk based products, therefore if you have an allergy you need to check this out! This egg is made with organic rice milk chocolate and is spy free, contains no GM and suitable for vegans.

Cashew cream easter egg

This egg sounds heavenly, made from 80% organic dark chlorate and filled with cashew cream. Its free from dairy, gluten, refined sugar, egg and soy. This one is paleo friendly and also vegan.

FulFil Easter egg

This brand is popping up across more and more shelves, and its really tasty so we are very happy to see them bring out an Easter egg! It's not the cheapest at £8.99, but not the most expensive either!

See, not all bad for Easter treats if you’re looking for something a little healthier!

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