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What's the best thing about working Ibiza?

The Skinny Kitchen are returning to Ibiza this year for the forth season and both the marina restaurant and the west end café are looking for staff.

Some of our staff return year after year to work a season in Ibiza, so we’ve ask some them what’s their favourite thing about working in Ibiza. So if you're unsure whether a season win Ibiza is right for you, read on and see what they have to say...

“If you come out pretty early, about May/June time, you meet loads of people who just want to make friends and have a laugh. You usually end up quickly making a massive group of friends and hanging around with them all summer, and staying in touch after.”

Sam, Front of House

“I always manage to save money, people cant believe that as they think Ibiza is expensive and it can be if you’re on holiday but if you work you tend to know people who can get you free entry or you know where to go that’s cheaper. I spend less than I would back home on a night out! So I work hard, spend little and go home with money”

Emily, Prep Chef

“It doesn’t feel like work when every day when you wake up and walk to your job it’s really sunny and everyone’s happy. I love working out there and go out to actually work as it just doesn’t feel like work. If that makes sense!?”

Erik, Bar

“Should I write working for The Skinny Kitchen here?! I actually do love my job at Skinny Kitchen but apart from that I’d have to say the best thing about working in Ibiza for me is going to the beach on my day off. There’s so many nice beaches and I can walk them or its a short boat trip and you can spend the whole day chilling in the sun.”

Danielle, Bar

“I love working out in hot countries so for me the best thing about working in Ibiza is running along the beach during sunrise or sunset. There’s also gyms on the beach with decent views”

Tom, Front of House

“I love the fashion in Ibiza and dressing for summer every single day. By the end of the season no one really even cares what they wear but everyone still looks cool!”

Charlie, Front of House

Want to work for The Skinny Kitchen in Ibiza this year? Apply by emailing your CV and cover letter to recruitment@skinnykitchen.co or visit our jobs page to see what’s available.

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