• Rachel Mason

Summer bodies (that got a little forgotten in winter)

With summer right around the corner and the thought of our clothes decreasing a little day by day it's that time of year when everyone starts to think 'I must eat a little healthier'. It's only natural, after all, to crave carbs on cold winter nights and light salads on hot summer days. Nature clearly knows more of bodies are about to be on show! Hopefully you keep to a pretty healthy diet all year round, but we aren't here to judge if you slip up a little in winter and want to get back on the bandwagon in time for your summer holiday. We are just here to help!

Our menu is packed with healthy options whether your around for breakfast, lunch or dinner and whatever you health and fitness goals are. We have low carb, high protein and tons for those that avoid meat, dairy or gluten. We also welcome people to come in for just a superfood packed smoothie or protein shake, whether you sit in or takeaway and have it at your desk. Smoothies are a great way to fill yourself up with healthy food if you are on a bit of a summer body diet. Once you get the knack with making smoothies it gets really exciting and the list of ingredients you can put in is endless. We recommend sticking some green veggies (broccoli, spinach, kale) in as it's a great way to get them in your diet and you can barely taste them amongst the fruit. It also means your smoothies won't be too high in sugar.

Replace your typical winters breakfast of porridge or toast with a smoothie to start your day really well. It will encourage you to eat healthy food for the rest of the day too. Never deprive yourself too much, you're only end up binging! We found this great smoothie recipe from one of our favourite food bloggers www.bakingyoubetter.com and we think it would work perfectly for a healthy breakfast smoothie!


1 small ripe banana, peeled & sliced 100g strawberries, hulled & halved (or use 100g frozen summer berries) 1 tbsp flax & chai seed mix 200ml coconut water 4 tbsp greek yogurt Juice 1 lime Honey to taste (this will depend on the sweetness of the strawberries and the ripeness of the banana along with personal preferences.)


Put all the ingredients apart from the honey in a blender or liquidiser and blend until smooth. Check the consistency, add a little more coconut water or water if you like a runnier drink. Taste and add the honey as desired.

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