• Rachel Mason

Jackfruit; the vegan meat substitute

Jackfruit has been in the press (by press we mean Instragram!) for a couple of years now and most vegans will definitely have heard of it, even if they haven't got round to trying it. Jackfruit is known as the vegan/vegetarian meat as it has a similar texture to chicken and pork (if that’s your thing!) It’s actually a tropical fruit, similar to figs, but much larger. Inside there are seeds with a fleshy coating, which is the bit you want to eat. If you get a jackfruit before it is ripe, it is savoury, hence why this fruit is so popular as a meat substitute.

We are always researching new food for our menu, and sometimes we get so excited by the stuff we read, we have to share! In addition to it looking REALLY tasty on the plate it is also packed with health benefits.

  • Low in calories

  • High in fibre, vitamins and minerals

  • Cancer fighting properties

  • Aids indigestion

  • Help blood pressure

How do you cook with jackfruit?

You can buy it ready prepared, which makes life a lot easier! You can then add any spices, marinade you want to give it any flavour. It goes great with barbecue and satay sauce for making pulled ‘pork’ burgers or ‘chicken’ satay skewers.

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