• Becky Saunders

Top tips for getting your summer body (ASAP)

With the Ibiza season kicking off and people frantically searching for ways to quickly get that summer body we've teamed up with Personal Trainer Becky Saunders at The Fit Thing who gives her top tips on (healthy) ways to get into shape quickly!

Top tips for getting your summer body (ASAP)

By Becky Saunders

You entered 2017 with such big plans.

You were going to join the gym, blend kale into a breakfast smoothie every morning, jog to work in your activewear and meal prep like a pro. This was going to be the year you felt great on the beach. But then life got in the way and summer seemed so far in the distance anyway so you were all ‘pass me the Doritos’, and ‘I think I’ll skip the gym tonight’…

Then suddenly it is just 4 weeks until you’re laid bare on the beach...

Don’t worry. I’ve got some tips for you to help you feel great on the beach this summer (without any kind of crash diets!)

Fill yourself up on the good stuff

Fill your fridge with healthy fruits and vegetables. Try snacking on hummus with carrots or peppers. This really satisfies that need for a crunchy snack without the calories of crisps. Fill your fridge with grabbable protein such as chicken chunks or boiled eggs.


Make sure you include protein in your breakfast which should help keep you fuller for longer. No time to make eggs in the morning? How about a protein shake you can drink on the go? I go for PhD Diet Whey chocolate, because it’s 90 calories, 20g of protein and tastes AMAZING.

Create a caloric deficit

If you are looking to drop a few pounds then you need to create a caloric deficit. That means you need to eat fewer calories than you burn (both through exercise and from being alive)

They say to lose a pound you need to eat 3500 calories less (or burn through exercise) over the course of a week. You could do this through exercise, or diet, or a bit of both. For example, try going for a 30 minute jog, or a 45 minute walk, then with your diet cut out the evening snack (100 calories) and switch to diet drinks. These small changes can make a huge difference over time.

You can track your calories in an app such as MyFitnessPal. However, be warned, people naturally tend to underestimate what they eat and overestimate what they burn.


You don’t need to splash out on a gym membership. You could just do a HIIT session in the living room, or go out for a run. There’s so many exercises you can do with your own body weight, so don’t let not having a gym membership put you off working out. If you are a member of a gym, try out some new classes. Spinning is a fantastic calorie burner and circuit style bootcamps are a brilliant way to weight train and get your cardio in too.

Abs of Instagram!

Include a 10 minute ab workout into your routine a few times a week to help you get that definition that will look fantastic on a Juno filter.


If you skip meals you might find that you get so hungry that you can’t get your head out of the fridge and undo all your hard work. Make sure you are filling yourself up on high quality, whole foods, such as whole grains, single ingredient foods, fruits and veggies, quality protein such as chicken, eggs or fish, and beans.

Opt for Low GI foods

Having a low GI diet has been proven to increase feelings of satiety. Your blood sugar will not rise as rapidly and will instead rise at a steady rate. The fiber in low GI foods will also help with feeling fuller for longer. Foods lower on the glycemic index include: Broccoli, porridge, sourdough rye bread, cashew nuts, sweet potatoes, wheat tortilla, cherries, beans and yoghurt.

So skip the cabbage soup diet this summer, there’s still time to put in some hard work and feel great on the beach!

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