• Rachel Mason

Do you need to stop drinking to lose weight?

Ice cold G&T on a rooftop bar in London, pina colada from bar with sea views in ibiza or white wine in the garden at the end of the day.

(No, we are not just listing this things we are doing tonight)

Alcohol, as much as some of us don't admit it, can be quite a big part of our lives. Pretty much every social occasion calls for a glass of the good stuff and this can be a cause for concern with those trying to lose a few pounds.

But do you really need to stop drinking to lose weight? We want to say no, really we do! But sadly alcohol has absolutely no nutritional value, it's not protein, carbs or fat. It's in a league of its own! But at The Skinny Kitchen we are big believers in everything in moderation and we think if you cut something out completely, you'll only want it more.

So what's the best thing to do at a BBQ, on holiday or, let's face it, on your average Friday night?

1. Drink less

Yep, we said it! Sorry to sound like your mum but alcohol not only lowers your inhibitions it also decreases your awareness of what your eating. Suddenly that kebab, racking up 1500 calories fits perfectly into your days macros. Pace yourself!

2. Gin - we love you

Opt for gin, not only because it's a lighter spirit, and they have fewer calories, but because it's made from natural ingredients such as the Juniper berry, which has lots of health benefits.

3. Come see us!

at The Skinny Kitchen we mix our cocktails with zero calorie mixers, superfoods and no refined sugar. If you can't make it to The Skinny Kitchen it's best to avoid cocktails altogether, the average one is about 650 calories, which is as much as a cheese burger and chips!

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