• Rachel Mason

Happy National Egg Day!

Yes that's right, it's National Egg Day on Saturday! We love eggs as they are so good for you, packed with protein and omega 3 and 6, and on top of that they taste amazing too. We actually think eggs deserve two days of recognition a year, like the Queen.

So to celebrate national egg day we are going to share with you the tricks for making the perfect poached eggs. We picked poached because, while pretty much any type of egg is healthy, you can't get much healthier than cooking in water. It's something a lot of people struggle with too, the perfect poached egg!

So follow these instructions and enjoy them on whole meal toast, or a side of spinach and mushrooms for a low carb option.

1. First make sure your eggs are really fresh. If you can find someone near your house that keeps chickens and buy them from them, not only are you getting the freshest eggs possible but it also means you are 100% certain on them being free range.

2. Fill a pan with water and 2 teaspoons of vinegar to the water, bring this to a simmer

3. Once the water has warmed up crack you egg onto a ladle and then gently transfer it to the water. Obviously do this again if your cooking 2 eggs etc

4. It will take about 4 minutes to poach, while its cooking you can splash some of the water over the parts of the egg that have floated to the top

5. The whites will feel slightly firm to the touch when they are done, which should take around 4 minutes for a runny egg or 6 for a firmer yolk.

6. You need a spoon with holes in next, so you can gently remover the egg from the water and drain the water at the same time.

And done! This should be the perfect poached egg.

If that seems like too much hassle then come see us at The Skinny Kitchen instead and we will make the perfect poached egg for you!